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Node Types

The core data model for content is based on Nodes. Nodes are basic building blocks organized as a tree, whose content is defined by their Node Type.

The Node Type is an extension of the Node schema, and defines the validation rules for the content inside of the properties property. Examples of Node Types are:

  • asset
  • group
  • post
  • blog
  • page

The definition of the default Node Types can be found in pillar.pillar.api.node_types.

Coerce Markdown

Pillar provides a custom coercion for content of type string: Markdown. The content of a field with such coercion will be automatically parsed into markdow and the result will be saved in a dedicated field, name as follows:


Here is a full example of a coerced field and its parsed counterpart.

'content': {
    'type': 'string',
    'coerce': 'markdown',
'_content_html': {'type': 'string'},