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Users can be member of one or more organizations. An organization is defined as an entity that provides a set of roles to all users that are a member. Each organization has exactly one administrator user, who can manage members of the organization and set certain properties (name, description, website, and location). Organizations can be managed from the /orgs/ endpoint.

Each organization has a limited number of "seats". This determines the maximum member count for that organization.

Note that 'admin' capability here actually means the 'admin' capability, granted only to those users with 'admin' role. This does not include the user assigned as organization administrator.

Action Required Capability
Create a new org create-organization
Change number of seats admin
Change roles associated with the org admin
Add or remove members admin; also allowed to the org administration
Remove self every member

User and role management

Members of an organization can be picked one-by-one using a search box to search through all Pillar users. Furthermore, a list of email addresses can be given to batch-add users. Currently known users are found by their email address and added to the organization. The remaining email addresses are stored in a separate list; as soon as a new user with such an email address registers, (s)he is automatically added to the organization.

When a user is added or removed from the organization, their roles are refreshed. Whenever the roles associated with the organization change, all the members' roles are refreshed. Refreshing means that for each user

  • their personal roles are collected (i.e. all roles that do not have prefix org-);
  • the roles associated with their current organizations are collected;
  • the union of these roles is assigned to the user.

Finding the web interface

Admins have to know the /o/ endpoint (just like they have to know /u/). Any user who is associated with an organization, either by being a member or being an administrator, will see a "My Organizations" link in their personal menu.