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Pillar is mainly developed at the Blender Institute by a small team, with a strong focus on project/asset management features. Our goal is to make Pillar the foundation CMS for the studio pipeline.

Home Project

We introduced Blender Sync as first iteration on the Home project, allowing users to synchronize their Blender Startup and User Preferences files across multiple workstations, via the Blender Cloud.


We plan to reintegrate Attract into Pillar by creating specific Node Types, as well as introducing the application property for a Node Type. Attract should be developed as Pillar module, in an effort to keep the core application generic and flexible. Important extension will be made to the Blender Cloud addon (and to the Pillar Python SDK) in order to allow interaction with Attract directly from Blender.

Repository Node Types

A highly requested feature for Pillar is the support for VCS as a Node Type. The idea is to create a Node Type that acts as interface for configuring (mostly managing access) to Mercurial or SVN repository.